5 facts about Costa Rica you should know before you visit

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There is no doubt Costa Rica is simply different from the rest of the countries in many aspects. It is probably not a well-known by the Europeans and Asians while other people make the mistake of relating Costa Rica with poverty judging by its location and whatnot. The truth is that Costa Rica is endowed by breathtaking sceneries, beaches and natural wonders. Visitors always end up in awe of the marvelous experience of visiting this country. Now, let’s read 5 facts you should know before you travel here and find out what makes Costa Rica unique.

#FACT 1. Costa Rica is a paradisiacal resort

If you have ever wondered where in the world this country is, Costa Rica is located between two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. It’s a blessing as this fact has enabled its population to enjoy two large coastal areas plenty of beaches, natural reserves, islands and national parks. It is the spawning site for whales and dolphins and home of leatherback turtles. Aside from that, there are more than 100 volcanic formations (121 in total) and volcanic mountains across the country. But the most astonishing fact is that Costa Rica hosts 5% of the whole world biodiversity, and over 10% of the overall population of butterflies in the world lives in its territory alongside 20.000 spider species.

#FACT 2.Costa Rica doesn’t have a military

This fact may be one of most popular facts about this country. Costa Rica belongs to the exceptional group of 23 countries that decided to do away with their army, foreseeing the benefits of being demilitarized, another fact that makes it unique and worth visiting. Even though, Costa Rica does have a small military force that remains unknown for many of its citizens because it’s not official. This little troop once partook in Fuerzas Comando, which is a competition where soldiers of 17 countries show off their sniper skills. Costa Rica team, that time, was formed by 70 police officers who volunteered to take a course on the use of snipers and high-tech weapons in order to take part in that competition. Despite the fact Costa Rica has no army; it has its own police corps, the only organization which takes care of the internal security.

#FACT 3. Costa Rica is a multi-ethnic country

Strange to say, less than 1% of Costa Ricans are actually indigenous and 94% are part of European or mestizo ethnicity. Many people from all over have migrated to Costa Rica; this fact has driven down the population of the originally first inhabitants of this country. The reason why Costa Rica has undergone such process of immigration may be due to important historical events throughout history such as the importation of Africans in colony times and the arrival of Spaniards many centuries ago, considering they eventually mixed with the African slaves they themselves brought into the territory and with the native indigenous women. This fact is a rare-find in the Central American region.

#FACT 4. Rice and black beans are Costa Rican staples

Yes, as we read; we can rice and black beans are tico’s favorite foods, they usually prepare something called Gallo Pinto which is the typical breakfast of the country (so, as a tourist, you may prepare your stomach for such a hefty meal in the first hours of the day). Bread, chicken, meat, vegetables, salads and fruits are often at a Costa Rican family’s dinner-table. It means, a Costa Rican’s average diet is composed of mostly protein and carbs.

#FACT 5. Life expectancy in Costa Rica, one of the highest in the world

It is well-known that certain areas in Central America are plagued by gang violence which is one of the main concerns of most governments in the region. In the case of Costa Rica; life expectancy is one of the highest in the world with an average of 77 years. But in 2014, it skyrocketed to 79 years, and it apparently doesn’t seem to hit the wall so far but the figure continuously increases. This remarkable datum is extremely important being that Costa Rica shares this great privilege with developed countries whose life expectancy basically has been considered the highest according to the latest stats in the last 15 years.

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