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By Dan Engoc

Its been 16ys now since I came to realise I was born HIV positive. Though it wasn’t that easy to find out, it comes through torture and mercies. The know-how started after our village was raided with jiggers for so long that led us to trend nationwide even leading to receiving donations from NGO’s and the government during that time. We lived in the countryside very much interior around Kakamega forest in a village called itumbu. It was very remotely where no vehicle nor motorcycle was seen, the only machine that used diesel in that area was a posho mill. We used bulls as a carrier service and bicycle for

As the NGO’s were bringing their donations back in 2004 the village at this time experienced jiggers infection, which had gone wild. This state led to more whites land in the village to help eradicate this jiggers. They really worked hard hand in hand with the health ministry to help regain our freedom.

In my family we were 13 boys and could imagine how that house was. We only lived with our mother, Dad had been called for a casual job and he was residing in Babadogo slums in the city. Our family also had other uncounted members we called them in campus micro comrades( kunguni) . They had terrorised us in our own house as if we were their unpaying tenants to them. Those days tracing a chemistry to buy some cure for them was like searching a shark in river Tana, so we just had to pambana na hali yetu with no hopes of ending their terrorisim. Everyone in our house had scratched their ears in a style which onecould think they were ragged ears.

It took 4yrs before new dawn reappeared when our rescue came. When the whites reached our house to terminate the jiggers as their core aim in the village, Wolololo mama! They encountered this “kungunis” bedbugs.

They really gave them hard time more so since they got light skin you can imagine a bedbug on such a skin… They felt the pinch an African boy I had been going through all my lifetime since I was 13month until they couldn’t continue with their schedule and promised to come

They inspected as and found that we were in severe pain and torture. They showed their mercies to me as the last born and took me to the general hospital for a check-up. There they found I had not enough blood in my system and my health was very poor that I needed close attention.

I required some extra blood in my system, so someone had to donate his/her blood for me. Since for one to donate, he has to certify some conditions… None of my siblings qualified since we never had weight, none of us looked healthier and again Dad wasn’t near so only mum was the reamaining hope. It all went up well and she donated 1part that I was to be filled up with. Again a rule all blood received Has to be screened and results brought before its used. Mums blood passed through all that.

Alas! Hey, boy, your mum’s blood aint safe for you… We can’t help if u have no other
person to donate you with blood you will go back to your filthy nature.” this how african docs could say out of sympathy anyway This was a shock to the family and it sent an alarm to all siblings to be tested….. Out of 14 why only me God! Why are we lastborns never have lack?

I was the only kid found positive like mum. I really asked questions how comes me alone? As rumours had it, ifound answers to my questions “your mother got your pregnancy one year after your Dad had gone for a casual job(mjengo) in the city and when your mum went to visit him there she came back with a stomach…Your the one, the last born.

Since then we have been listening that your dad nowadays drinks alot goes with all kinds of women”. He is the perfect smoker bt all this sbit about never got inside me as i already knew the whole story.In our village nobody knew about Aids at this time, my Dad No! Even just visiting a VCT i don’t think and mum this sounded news to her she had never heard of Human Virus. Thid was her first time and my first time too. I thank God we were thereafter taught how to live with our situation though it caused isolation from other villagers but we never minded them.

The whites who took me to the hospital Wacha mzungu aitwe mzungu, they never left us, they stood with us until this time, one of them donated clean blood that i used and also took me to one of their schools and granted me a scholarship upto university level. I really thank God greatly for them since right know am still working in one of their organisations to date.

My mum she is still strong and we are leaving healthy lifestyle on pills and not forgetting the Bedbugs, they brightened our future. If not for them bitting the white in our house myb we could have rotten already six feet. Now i live positively with my status and i swored no kid will ever die of jiggers when i see andtoday i have a link to help affected pple.

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  1. dan dii

    Check punctuation and editorial error… Bt its kinda touching

    1. Kwetu Reporter

      Thanks for noting we are working on that, and please don’t forget to share the story with your friends

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