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In my hay days I was the lion of Mbekuma village, I was the teen’s kingpin no one could tell me anything, Moreso being that boy who grew in the city and came back to the village added my seniority among the village boys. I had all the fame for having the hottest chick in the village and all new Ladies who came into the village were known to be automatically Ken’s new bae.

There was this watchman who was the village terrorist …. Everyone feared him, rumours had it that he never joked with teen who used to get drunk and walk at night, because he could give them beatings that could leave then unconscious,broken body parts or even cut them with a machete that he carried in his pants like a Maasai in the name of self defence tool.

The villagers fear for Mushakhulu arouse when guys heard that he was an ex-militant during Moi’s error but was sucked since he was part of the group that tried to overthrow the ruling government. So an ex-militant he had gained that fame to come and harass my gang men as a tough watchman in the local market centre. His fame and fear was the only thing that made me develop a beef with him.

At night boys who were spending their money in clubs could spend their nights in bush whenever they had to pass near Mushakhulu premise since being noticed you are drunk around that area was a straight ticket for a severe beating. So my crew would prefer spending their nights in bushes and in the morning they woke up when in good condition than being given injuries.

So one weekend Jonnie, my friend had just landed in the village and he had to spoil me this very night. Jonnie is a kind of friend am used to call Jeshi… Whenever we met we ruled that area. And also I believed Jonnie when it came to war times since he was the kinda guys who would beat using a wood piece. So this day I knew I will give Mushakulu hard time with my Jeshi.

This day we went to the clubbing, we were served with cheap liquor which was survived in Jugs but I couldn’t recall its name. We took a good number of those Jugs. . when 2 pm kicked in, we decided to get back on the roads back home. By this time it was very quiet outside and the weather had just stopped raining some minutes earlier… The roads were muddy and ditches full of water that we kept on jumping each and every 20meters we covered. To Us, this became tiresome that no one was enjoying so we even forgot our conversation for some time for everyone to struggling.

When we reached near Mushakhulu I happened to fall in a ditch filled with water but Jonte never minded and walked on. Like a drunk man, whenever you fall and lie, u just feel the comfort of a 5-star hotel outside there. I knew the dangers of the area so I woke up as first as I could and struggled to pull my self out there. By the time I was coming out, Jonte was 10 plus steps ahead of Me and my stims had a convo and agreed to go back thinking of a shortcut I could use to catch up with Jonnie.

On my way, I met a betting shop that was still operating at these hours and inside, were some guys chewing Miraa. Since I never chewed I just stood aimlessly. Here is when I came in contact with Mushakhulu… ‘kijana you are drunk!…. ‘in my mind I knew Jonte was around my Jeshi… So I gathered my little energy and aimed at this Old balded mzee and gave him one hard John Cena kick that left both of us lying on the ground.

I tried to pin him down but this was all in vain, this guy was ex military, all his skills were still intact… The beating that I received…Aki I will never want to remember it in my life. I was bleeding but Mushakhulu saw like I was feeling no pain he meant to dose me, so he stood and picked a rod that he used to disorient my knees and ancle bolts. Alas!

This was becoming serious, if it had not been for another Watchman whom I had greated early on one of the clubs corridor, maybe Mushakhulu could have skinned me alive with that machete I used to hear about. I thought I was dreaming. My instincts were telling me that if you may walk the following day then I will know all these was just a dream. In the morning I just found myself in my bed like a dormant Bigshow. My legs had trippled in size.

The pain I was going through gave me the passion to join KDF only for Mushakhulu’s revenge. Later I managed to join the army and after undergoing my training I was back in the village for my deadly revenge. This made my father intervene for Mushakhulu’s forgiveness before his son and plead for peace. Since then I become untouchable to date, I can drink any kind of liquor and walk shouting shit even at Mushakhulus. Without no one bringing his shitness. But I think am the next Mushakhulu in this village. This error is still to reign as I become of his age as an ex-militantt.

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