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There used to be a notorious neighbour’s cat in the neighbourhood where I lived with my parents when I was young. So one day mum was preparing food, she had chopped some meat (at the time my favourite food) into manageable pieces.

She briefly steps out for a few minutes and guess what? The cat gets into the house through the open window and snatches a piece of the meat. I had been relaxing out side the house waiting for the meal to be ready.all of a sudden the notorious cat came out with a huge piece of meat on its mouth, i got angry because i was hungry and decided to go after the cat but it was too fast for me to catch it.

i had to place a ‘wanted’ tag on the cat. So the next day I spot the cat in the hood eating some siesta. I tiptoed in the house and came out with weapons for mass destruction namely kerosine and matchbox. i got the cat idling and i poured the kerosene and it ran a few metres away to where the dustbin was.

I followed it and this time before it pulled a Usain Bolt Sprint like last time, I quickly lighted the match box threw it on the cat. the cat got confused and started running without a clear bearing and ended up at wagithomo’s house.he was used to leaving his door open while he was chilling in his house, The cat went straight under the bed in a blaze.

unfortunately one of wagithomo’s curtains caught fire, on seing that he got out of the house confused wonderind what kind of bad omen had strack him this time round. All this time am standing there not knowing what to do. Being a weekday and most of the guys were not around the fire spread so fast with no one to help contain it.

Before we knew it most of the two roomed wooden houses were on fire. By the time the fire brigade crew arrived there was not much to be salvaged. That day we had to sleep outside in the cold before moving to my uncle’s place for temporary shelter.

It was somehow a blessing in disguise as finally mzee agreed to move to a better house. Up till today no one knows I was the cause of the fire.

Majority tenants in the neighborhood, blamed it on witchcraft!!

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