How to File KRA Returns Using P9

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Stage 1: Download the PAYE exceed expectations sheet from iTax (like the one from the old citizen programming/ITMS).

The PAYE exceed expectations sheet that you have to download is found under the “Profits” menu thing. You need to imagine that you are completing a real come back to really get the required records.

Thus, go to Returns >> File Returns >> Income charge >> Download File.

Stage 2: Fill out the subtleties of the exceed expectations sheet and produce the yield – compress record.

The PAYE exceed expectations sheet has different tabs and you have to round out all the significant ones. When you are done, approve the spreadsheet – on the off chance that it has any blunders, the approval will tell you else it will incite you to produce a compress document that you will transfer onto iTax.

Spare the compress document on your machine where you can undoubtedly get to it for transferring.

Stage 3: Upload the compress document onto iTax.

Utilizing your organization PIN and iTax secret word, sign onto your iTax account then under “Returns” on the to menu thing, select “Record Return”.

This will take you to the “e-Returns” page. The kind of “e-Return” and “Citizen PIN” will as of now have been rounded out for you so continue to choose the “Duty Obligation”. For this situation, it is the “Pay Tax – PAYE” commitment.

Round out the “Pay charge – PAYE structure” by choosing the “Arrival Period From”, the “Arrival Period To” will naturally be rounded out as the framework just anticipates that you should complete an arrival for one month on end.

Snap the transfer catch to transfer the compress document onto iTax. Possibly click the Add File catch if there is more than one document you need to transfer, generally, continue to check the Terms and Conditions and “Present” the structure.

On the off chance that your transferred record was accurately rounded out, the framework will effectively submit it and give you a “Profits Receipt”. Else, you will get a mistake message revealing to you what you had fouled up.

In the event that you get a mistake message, basically return and right the PAYE spreadsheet at that point approve and spare it another. You don’t have to utilize the “Record Amended Return” menu thing as in fact, you had not effectively presented the first run through. Rehash the procedure and you will be fine.

The “‘Returns Receipt” is as a download interface that you can click and download for your recording. Note, you are not DONE with the procedure… all you have done is effectively presented the Income Tax – PAYE structure.

Stage 4: Generate installment slip for the just submitted PAYE risk.

What now needs to happen is that you have to create an installment slip for the duty commitment. The installment slip is the thing that you will use to make an installment for this risk at the bank.

Continue to tap the Payment catch.

A great deal of the subtleties on the e-Payment Registration structure will as of now be rounded out, continue and fill what isn’t. That ought to be as shown in the picture beneath.

Affirm the “Risk Details” as this shows what you are intended to pay. At the point when all is great, select that risk passage and snap the “Include” catch.

The “Include” catch from above adds the obligation subtleties to the “Installment Details”. This should then give you the all out that you are intended to pay (there could be all the more then one risk that you are paying for).

Continue to choose the “Method of Payment”; Check, Cash or RTGS lastly select the “Accepting Bank” – this ought to be where you mean to make your installment from. Odds are, the bank you keep money with as an organization. “Present” the installment subtleties.

A successful submission gives you back a “Payment Slip”‘ as indicated below. Click the download link to access it.

Stage 5: Pay the PAYE at your nearby bank

Last advance is to print the “Installment Slip” in 2 duplicates and take both to your nearby keep money with a check for the sum demonstrated on the installment slip.

One of those duplicates will be kept by the bank as a sign of your installment while the other one will be stepped and offered back to you as your receipt for your very own books. This is a critical report as it’s really demonstrates that you have paid your obligation. On the off chance that the bank has an issue with their frameworks and miss to enlist your installment, you can generally fall back to this report as proof for the installment.

iTax likewise sends you an affirmation email when you have influenced an installment and you to can generally check your “General Ledger” on iTax for confirmation of the installment section.

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